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Hi! Welcome to my little comfy website.
Here, you'll find (nearly) all of my artwork, games, and general creative work here.
Pixel art enthusiasts, welcome aboard!

(...ok well, doesn't mean anyone else other than said enthusiasts gets to join, I'd appreciate if you do haha :P)

About me!

My name is Roosara Ruwanga, known as KrystalPhantasm online. I'm a youngin' with a perchant for all things video games, retro, and game dev.

Born (and still) live in Sri Lanka; probably one of the very few people in this country that feels very much out of the box of this little island nation!
I have aspirations to be a very skilled pixel artist and game developer.
Pixel art piques me as a really special artform where, sure, it's easier and faster to make but still requires the same amount and depth of knowledge (or maybe even more since you're usually working with so little!) to make something really beautiful enough to move people's imagination and hearts.

Games have been a part of my life for a long, long time. I've prolly had the most fun in my life through video games and the occasional close friend gatherings.
It's wonderful how you can basically make a very fulfulling story interactive in order to impact the audience more, since THEY're the ones in control of events.
Or, you could make them pure dopamine generators and skill testers, much like the arcade games of olden times or the Mario series (my favourite!)

As you might have seen in my portfolio and the banners down below, I am a HUGE fan of the Mario and Touhou games! I feel like both are just really polished and mainstay gems of their genres, with lovely characters and and light hearted stories to boot.

Favourite Game Series/Franchises

Note that this website is still a Work in Progress! I'm still trying to get the hang of things :P so please bear with me if things seem unfinished.